Grisaia: Phantom Trigger. What we know so far?

So as of today, Frontwing announced the next game in the Grisaia Series. This game is Grisaia: Phantom Trigger. As information is pretty much scarce as it was literally just announced i thought it would be kind of fun to look through all the information that we have and figure out what this game is about and what we can expect from it.

Of course you can just go to the official website for the game here, the website is both available in both English and Japanese so you can browse at your own leisure, so I will try to not just reiterate things on the site itself and instead bring information from other places as well as give my own opinion on some of the things we know already.


The first piece of quite obvious information is that this is a brand new game from Frontwing which is intended to be an indirect sequel to the original Grisaia series, the site states explicitly its set after the Heath Oslo incident implying this is after Rakuen and a significant time after it. The setting is the same school although in a much more rundown state after its abandonment in Rakuen as stated by the site and with the matching Key visual for this game and Grisaia no Kajitsu.

Of course with this being an Indirect sequel we have a whole new Cast of character, won’t go into detail as their profiles can be found below and on the site. Looking at the cast it looks like they’re trying to keep their with a diverse set of girls with varied and somewhat unique quirks, although they all seem like Gun/Explosive nuts, which was one of the things that initially drew me into the series as their cast always had a fun, quirky dynamic and this is no exception. On a side note I also love Koma, she sounds like a complete dork.

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They also show our new protagonist Haruto, who personally i am not a fan of at the moment. His design doesn’t look that appealing to me and the Long hair particularly feels like an odd choice. When looking at his profile as well i also get similar vibes to Yuuji with his mysterious past and just the overall vibes i get from his character and his attitude but is too early to tell what his character is like as a whole so i will hold off for the moment.

In terms of Returning staff, its most of the big names working on Frontwing games such as Akio Watanabe on character designs, Nanaka Mai for the chibi art, Hitoshi Fujima and Fuminori Matsumoto for the background music. The scenario is also being written by Ryuta Fujisaki who wrote the scenario for Makina and Amane’s routes in Kajitsu and Meikyuu and also the main routes for Meikyuu and Rakuen. Not much to say on this except I’m happy with these staff returning to work on the game, but sadly Fujita Junpei is not on that list despite him writing my favourite pieces from the Grisaia series.


In Terms of the Release, the game itself will be released in multiple volumes with the first two being released Spring 2017 and Volume 3 is planned for Summer 2017. There are also plans for more volumes after these initial releases but no details about date or how many there will be.

They also plan for these dates to be a worldwide release on steam although there are plans for it to be release in other formats but not specified, Perhaps via Sekai Project, there is also no plans currently for a Physical release. They also Stated that this will be an All Ages visual novel with no plans for an 18+ version.

I don’t think I need to explain why I’m all for a Worldwide release, it seems somewhat self-explanatory. Why wouldn’t an English-speaking consumer not want an English release as soon as possible.  Despite this I’m personally not a fan of the Volume format especially when we don’t know the price or how many there will be but that’s more of a personal opinion.

Something I did wonder as well when I saw this announcement was “If this game takes place after Rakuen, will the game actually be out in english before then?” The answer to that question is yes, Sekai Project released their monthly kick starter update today as well. They stated translation is 75% done so we shouldn’t have to worry about not being caught up (also 18+ ver. of Meikyuu soon).


Hopefully this brings you somewhat up to speed on whats happening with this game and the series although this is only a small portion of information and not much is yet known about this project. I may update this whenever new information gets released or I’ll just re-tweet it so you can see it at the side. Finally if you want to watch the trailer for the game it can be seen on Frontwing’s YouTube channel here:

If you liked this post then feel free to look at my Grisaia no Kajistu review also on the site and make sure to follow me on social media. With that thanks for Reading and I will see you on the next VN Completionist.


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