Welcome to this blog.

The Name I will be going with on this blog will be The VN Completionist. I spend a vast majority of my time playing Visual Novels (Obviously 😛 ) and watching anime, But i am also and Avid gamer playing mostly League of legends and various Fighting Games (mostly anime ones). I’m also a huge Idolmaster and Cinderella Girls fan, if you follow me on twitter you may know this already. Finally with whatever time i have left between lectures and all this i tend to spend it reading and listening to music mostly in the genre’s of J-pop, Rock, Classical music and occasionally K-pop.

On this site I aim to release regular reviews and editorials on Visual novels and various related topics in regular intervals although currently not specified. Initially most of these post will be in text form but will also be later Available in Video form as well giving a variety of ways to access the content I will be producing.

The final goal will be to have Visual novel reviews in both Text and Video form as well as an accompanying SpoilerCast video where I go in-depth into the game for people who have already played the game  and give a more detailed opinion of the game, specifically the various routes which have to be somewhat generalised to keep the review concise.

Editorials are not something I will put out initially and wont necessarily have a schedule to when they come out ill kind of make one when I feel like it or when an interesting topic comes to mind or somebody brings one up. I’m open to suggestions for topics but there is no guarantee that will actually make it on that specific topic. They will also be made with both a Text and Video format in mind.

Apart from this you can follow me on all my social media outlets which can be found in the Social Media Tab (Duh…) for copious amounts of Idol trash and shit posting but also to keep up with the latest happenings on the blog.

Apart from that I hope you enjoy the content I put out and i hope to see you on the latest installment of The VN Completionist.